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Do you enjoy Suduko for brain health?  Does it really have an impact on your brain?  What strengthens and increases the connections in your brain?  What is the most powerful brain training activity to improve brain health?

In this detailed, informative and proactive episode, Heidi and Sarah discuss how science has revealed in recent years why and how we can improve brain health.  The subject of epigenetics, neurogenesis, neuroplasticity and bioplasticity are discussed and reveal how the expression of ‘ageing’ or ‘frail’ can be dis-empowering when epigenetics reveal difference results according to factors that are discussed within the episode.

Within this episode, Sarah and Heidi discuss Alzheimer’s disease, different areas of the brain and the impacts that can occur over the years.  They also consider how hormones change through life and their impact on the brain.  Sarah and Heidi discuss how menopausal women’s brain health becomes affected and how important it is to become aware of lifestyle, hormonal support and blood sugar balance.

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About our Authors

Dr. Sarah Wilson, ND

Dr. Sarah is a Naturopathic Doctor, author, speaker and research nerd. Her true passion is complex women’s health issues and the connection between hormones and inflammation.

Heidi Hadley CCSE ESMT

Heidi Hadley is a Certified Clinical Somatic Educator and Somatic Movement Teacher. Heidi has worked as a Natural Health Practitioner since 2001 and owns a thriving Movement & Wellbeing Centre in Adelaide, South Australia. She is also the founder of, an online Somatic Movement program designed to reduce pain, increase mobility, improve posture & develop mindfulness.