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Do you feel you know how intricate your immune system is?  Do you know the key nutrients to support immune function?  What can you do to fight off infections?

During the recording of this season in March 2020, Covid-19 had just started to take hold globally.  In this episode Sarah and Heidi discuss how to take care of your immune system and what you can do to boost your function.  Sarah and Heidi discuss the importance of digestive immunity and how it is part of creating resilience for your immune system.  Discussions on supplements, foods and lifestyle factors are considered, knowing what will help and boost immune and digestive function.  Sarah and Heidi discuss the power of subconscious habits and how during times of extra vigilance, it can prevent sickness.

Sarah mentioned research related to immune health and coronaviruses

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About our Authors

Dr. Sarah Wilson, ND

Dr. Sarah is a Naturopathic Doctor, author, speaker and research nerd. Her true passion is complex women’s health issues and the connection between hormones and inflammation.

Heidi Hadley CCSE ESMT

Heidi Hadley is a Certified Clinical Somatic Educator and Somatic Movement Teacher. Heidi has worked as a Natural Health Practitioner since 2001 and owns a thriving Movement & Wellbeing Centre in Adelaide, South Australia. She is also the founder of, an online Somatic Movement program designed to reduce pain, increase mobility, improve posture & develop mindfulness.